About the Authors

Crunchy Tubie Mama

Hi! I’m Crunchy Tubie Mama. I love children and have worked with children in some capacity my entire adult life. I have a degree in biology and psychology from Loyola University Chicago and worked with institutionalized children living with severe behavior disorders for a number of years. I first personally witnessed the power of whole plant foods when I began making the children I worked with green smoothies and other wholesome treats and saw their behavior improve in response.

I have an amazing 4-year-old son who inspired me to write this book series, Foods that Grow from the Ground. Bradley was born nearly 3 months premature with a congenital heart defect. He developed a very severe feeding disorder called oral aversion because of the many medical crises he endured during the first year of his life. In spite of this disorder, Bradley has become able to eat orally after being fed through a feeding tube the first 3 1/2 years of his life, and he happily eats a 100% whole plant food diet rich in vegetables and whole grains. He has shown me how much is possible when we try.

After learning of the detrimental health consequences of enteral formula, the diet prescribed for most tube-fed people, I began a blog all about feeding a healthful diet of pureed food through a child’s feeding tube (otherwise known as a blenderized diet). This has led me to connect with over 30,000 people seeking help for their children. Ultimately, it led me to write a book entitled Stand for Food about everything science currently tells us about enteral formula and blenderized diets. I have seen many children’s lives, including my son’s, transform through nothing more than a healthful diet of real, whole food. Copies have been sold throughout the world. It is my mission to change the medical profession’s approach to tube-fed children and adults and to help children everywhere, tube-fed or not, to eat more plant foods. It has been an incredibly fulfilling and joyful journey!

Today, Bradley and I live in Chicago. I spend much of my free time working with the tube-fed community while Bradley spends most of his free time playing with his cars and trucks and adoring Daniel Tiger. And of course, every day, we enjoy eating lots of plant foods!


Shelby King

Hi! I’m Shelby King. I have worked with children and adolescents for many years. I am a retired youth minister and drama teacher. I also cared for foster children for 9 years and fell in love with adoption. I now have adopted twin 7-year-old boys who live with special needs. My sons have endured many surgeries, digestion problems, and emotional disabilities.

I turned to my dear friend, Crunchy Tubie Mama, when I wanted to include approaching their health challenges with better nutrition. Wow, what a difference plant foods can make! It has had a profound impact on my own health as well. We live in northern Indiana, and my boys love playing with action figures and stuffed animals. I am thrilled when my son now asks to add lots of fruits and vegetables to the grocery list!

I am so excited about our book series, Foods that Grow from the Ground, written to help not just our own children, but parents and children everywhere.