Book Series Information

Welcome to our website! Here, you can learn all about our children’s book series, “Foods that Grow from the Ground.” This children’s book series was inspired by my son, Bradley, who lives with a severe feeding disorder. This led me on a journey, which you can learn more about in this video.

After hearing the struggles of so many parents who desire for their children to eat nutritious food, my friend, Shelby King, and I were inspired to write a children’s book series focusing entirely around helping parents help their children to eat more plant foods.

Every book in this series will have a delightful story that includes various delicious meals and treats that use only whole plant foods. At the end of the story, children will find recipes for every food mentioned in the story that they can make together with their parents. Each book will also include a parent resource section written by an experienced feeding therapist about different strategies that are fun and relaxing that will help children be more receptive to nutritious foods.

We have released the very first book in our series, Tom Turnip’s Plant Foods Adventure , as well as our first adventure book for older children, pre-teens, and the young at heart, The Quest: Forest of Realms. We are excited! Our next adventure book will arrive this fall! When the book series is complete, we will have books for each age group from infancy to young adulthood so children can grow up reading and enjoying our books as they learn all about the importance of eating lots of plant foods.

Be sure to check back in to watch for our upcoming releases! You can also follow me on Facebook to hear important announcements. Thanks for visiting and remember, foods that grow from the ground are the very best foods to be found!